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Posted: Nov 07, 2014
by Emily Walker
Travel Dating TourBar reviews

TourBar is all about connecting real people who are interested in traveling, adventure, and vacation dating, all around the entire world. We strive to create the best possible community for all

of our members and users, so that everyone benefits. That's why we're so proud to see how many real people, people just like you, are trying out TourBar and having a great time, leaving behind rave reviews.

One authentic way to check this out is by looking at the user reviews from the TourBar app, available in the Google Play store, Windows store or for Apple products on iTunes. TourBar is proud of over 214 reviews and thousands of downloads. On Google Play alone, the overall user rating was a robust 4.1/5 stars. Even better is that 146 out of 214 reviewers said that Tourbar was a full 5 out of 5!

These are simply real, everyday people who were looking for something a bit different and better in terms of connecting with potential travel companions, and the reviews are overwhelmingly positive and excited.

Here are a few recent highlights from real reviewers who chimed in with their experience utilizing TourBar:

Best app. App let me see other people who are going to the same place as me. I met with one such travel buddy last week, thanks to this app. - Rachel Kranz, 5/5 rating, June 2, 2014

Best app to find someone to be your travel buddy in upcoming travels. - Sivan Horwitz, 5/5 rating, June 6, 2014

Great for friends. Good app for meeting people in places you want to travel and getting the inside scoop! - Jennifer Elise, 5/5 rating, September 6, 2014

I am quite happy that I found this app. Found one travel companion with this app. We are going to Australia next month together. - Elan Kasher, 5/5 rating, June 7, 2014

OMG its cool. I am searching for a travel companion for my Canada trip. Hope I will find someone. - Robert Bailey, 5/5 rating, June 11, 2014

The more great, real people like you who sign up and give TourBar a try, the even better we become, with more members partaking in the interactive experience, and more chances to meet a great travel companion in any city or country.

Give TourBar a try today with our special trial memberships and we know that you'll love what you see. Don't just take it from us though, take it from people like Robert and Jennifer, Rachel and Elan, all of whom have taken the leap and are living it up with international dating and travel companions thanks to