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Rules of a successful journey with new travel buddies

When meeting someone new online you can’t be sure how to communicate with this person face to face. That’s why it’s better to meet before the trip and spent some time together. Maybe you will even organize short time trips just to feel certain about the choice of a travel companion. Discuss your plans and ideas beforehand, it helps to organize an ideal journey for both of you and to understand preferences, schedule and lifestyle of the future companion. But you should be ready for unexpected changes while travelling. Sometimes hotels don’t approve our expectations, rented cars can brake down, travelers get lost and miss the trains. But it’s no the end of the world, the worse thing in such situations is to have a hysteria! So it is very important that you and your travel buddy are flexible and easygoing. Just take it easy and enjoy your tour with all its surprises.
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How to avoid a strange travbuddy. Instructions for use:

  • Ask about everyday habits in advance. Nobody is happy awakened by crazy singing in the bath or cigarette smell in the room.
  • Agree on your budget. Talking about money is not easy even if you live with a person for ages. But while traveling money matters a lot. You should discuss and plan the outlay of your journey together with your travbuddy. Be sure he doesn’t spend not only his but also your money too!
  • Talk about fears. Imagine your travel partner is a nervous flyer, and in the middle of takeoff he will begin to shout and cry. Will you be able to calm him down? Or maybe it would be better to take a train?
  • The last but not the least – try not to be a strange travbuddy yourself!
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