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Solo Travellers Looking For Companions Name The USA As The Top Destination They Want To Visit in 2015

Posted: Feb 27, 2015
by McCluskey International
Solo travel top destinations 2015

Research carried out by, a website and app that was launched last year to match members across the globe with a partner to travel with, has found that the USA tops the list of destinations that their users are most looking to visit in 2015.

Top 10 Destinations for Solo Travellers

1. USA (16.2%%); 2. UAE (15%%); 3. Russia (12.8%%); 4. Turkey (10.6%%); 5. Thailand (9%%); 6. Italy (7.6%%); 7. Spain (7.2%%); 8. UK (7%%); 9. Germany (5.6%%); 10. France (5.2%%)
1. USA (15.2%%); 2. Italy (13%%); 3. France (12.8%%); 4. Thailand (10%%); 5. India (9.8%%); 6. UAE (9%%); 7. UK (8%%); 8. Spain (7.5%%); 9. Germany (5.6%%); 10. Turkey (5%%).

The survey of 92,000 members,* found that both TourBar’s male and female members named The United States as the top destination that they are searching for a new partner to travel with this year as the trend for solo travel continues to grow.

TourBar also found that solo female travellers were lured by the charms of mainland Europe, with Italy (13%%) and France (12.8%%) taking the second and third positions for the most popular destinations that their female users are looking to visit.

When it came to TourBar’s male users, the UAE (15%%) and Russia (12.8%%) secured the title of second and third most popular destinations to travel to despite Russia not ranking at all in women’s top 10 destinations. Females named India as their fifth most desired country to visit whereas India missed the top 10 list for males. is a website and app that was launched in spring 2014 to match members across the globe with a partner to travel with whether that be for business or pleasure. The worldwide research was collated from their members based in over 180 countries across the world.

By signing up on the website, users can browse hundreds of fellow international travellers for free. However, by becoming a verified member through the unique three-stage member verification process, TourBar users can feel reassured that their future travel companion has passed a series of strict security checks before taking on a 'verified member' status. Verified members can enjoy the benefits of direct messaging and appearing higher in user searches, with VIP membership costing from as little as 0.5 euro per day when you sign up for a six month membership.

The TourBar app can also be downloaded for free and accessed on your smart phone by visiting the iTunes Store, Google Play or the Windows Phone Store.

TourBar’s Public Relations Manager, Anastasia Zolotova, added: “What’s interesting about the research we have collated is that nine of the top 10 solo traveller destinations feature in both men’s and women’s preferred counties.

“With this in mind, it shows that our solo traveller members recognise the accolades of each of these countries as being socially acceptable destinations to visit fellow solo travellers. All to often people that love travelling reluctantly hold back from booking trips as they don’t want to go it alone but as the trend for solo travel continues to grow in 2015, we’ve noticed this reflect on our member numbers which have rocketed in recent months.”

* Research collected by was based on 92,000 members from over 180 countries. The percentage of female respondents is based on figures obtained by 36,800 female members. The percentage of male respondents is based on figures obtained by 55,200 male members.

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