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Kristi Stasyuk, 27, Kiev, Ukraine Kristi..., 27
Alex, 36, Rotterdam, Netherlands Alex, 36
Kris, 22, Minsk, Belarus Kris, 22
Sonya Kochan, 26, Kiev, Ukraine Sonya K..., 26
Julia, 23, Hmelnitskii, Ukraine Julia, 23
Gary Woods, 38, San Francisco, United States Gary Wo..., 38
Nastia, 22, Kiev, Ukraine Nastia, 22
Anastasiya Semenova, 20, Nikolaev, Ukraine Anastas..., 20
Оля Бехлеванова, 21, Kiev, Ukraine Оля Бех..., 21
Robert williams, 49, Washington, United States Robert..., 49
shahin, 18, Mila, Italy shahin, 18
Alla Chaika, 26, Kiev, Ukraine Alla Ch..., 26
Ron, 49, Tempe, United States Ron, 49
Rainy Moonoi, 20, Khong Chai, Thailand Rainy M..., 20
damla, 22, Istanbul, Turkey damla, 22
Anna, 18, Nikolaev, Ukraine Anna, 18
Olga, 24, Kiev, Ukraine Olga, 24
Iggy, 40, Arnheim, Netherlands Iggy, 40
nenalarry, 26, New York, United States nenalar..., 26
Maria, 19, Saint Petersburg, Russia Maria, 19
Blond, 23, Kiev, Ukraine Blond, 23
francis, 29, Cotati, United States francis, 29
Peter, 58, Vancouver, Canada Peter, 58
Vika Novikova, 19, Odessa, Ukraine Vika No..., 19
Yulya Blagova, 19, Odessa, Ukraine Yulya B..., 19
Tatiana, 23, Stolin, Belarus Tatiana, 23
Maria Divine, 24, Kiev, Ukraine Maria D..., 24
Lyudmila Kosianova, 20, Vitebsk, Belarus Lyudmil..., 20
Jsplus_ss, 23, Mueang Chiang Mai, Thailand Jsplus_..., 23
Anna, 27, Moscow, Russia Anna, 27
Lily, 26, Kazan, Russia Lily, 26
Nastya, 22, Minsk, Belarus Nastya, 22
Yelena, 21, Kostanai, Kazakhstan Yelena, 21
Maarten, 34, Amsterdam, Netherlands Maarten, 34
Ronald, 43, Texas City, United States Ronald, 43
Natali, 26, Pyatigorsk, Russia Natali, 26
Paolo Pashka, 39, Trento, Italy Paolo P..., 39
Miranda, 21, American Falls, United States Miranda, 21
Lily, 24, Kiev, Ukraine Lily, 24
Thomas Kuhlmay, 53, Diepholz, Germany Thomas..., 53
Graeme, 38, Newcastle, United Kingdom Graeme, 38
jobair99, 28, London, United Kingdom jobair9..., 28
Alice, 23, Moscow, Russia Alice, 23
Anna, 26, Grodno, Belarus Anna, 26
radoclara, 25, Tempe, United States radocla..., 25
Yuliya Pivtorak, 27, Kiev, Ukraine Yuliya..., 27
Darya, 23, Odessa, Ukraine Darya, 23
Alena, 24, Moscow, Russia Alena, 24
Ksenia, 24, Moscow, Russia Ksenia, 24
florence, 26, Lagos, Nigeria florenc..., 26
Ketty, 22, Kiev, Ukraine Ketty, 22
Mila, 27, Krivoi Rog, Ukraine Mila, 27
Michi Bono, 37, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland Michi B..., 37
frankson, 44, Thunder Bay, Canada frankso..., 44
Anna, 26, Moscow, Russia Anna, 26
Yuliya, 26, Kaliningrad (Kenigsberg), Russia Yuliya, 26
Kira, 25, Kiev, Ukraine Kira, 25
katerina, 23, Ternopol, Ukraine katerin..., 23
DarYa, 24, Ulyanovsk, Russia DarYa, 24
izi0, 36, Royal Leamington Spa, United Kingdom izi0, 36
Natalka, 23, Minsk, Belarus Natalka, 23
Boni, 24, Kiev, Ukraine Boni, 24
André, 45, Leiden, Netherlands André, 45
Lora, 22, Moscow, Russia Lora, 22
Helen, 27, Petrozavodsk, Russia Helen, 27
Dasha Konovalova, 25, , Dasha K..., 25
Anna, 25, Tomsk, Russia Anna, 25
Son, 39, Whitefish, United States Son, 39
Feliks Priks, 29, London, United Kingdom Feliks..., 29
Yulia, 22, Kemerovo, Russia Yulia, 22
Vera Afrika, 25, Baikal, Russia Vera Af..., 25
Alex, 25, Norilsk, Russia Alex, 25
Manuel Gonzalez, 50, Fort Lauderdale, United States Manuel..., 50
Iriska, 26, Almaty (Alma-Ata), Kazakhstan Iriska, 26
Giovanni, 39, Turin, Italy Giovann..., 39
Kristina, 26, Ekaterinburg, Russia Kristin..., 26
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Find a Travel Partner, Companion or Buddy with TourBar

Welcome to TourBar, an exciting new service which will help you have the time of your life as you travel across the globe. With TourBar, you can easily and safely find a travel partner or travel companion who is perfectly matched for you. This is based upon your interests, the types of activates you want to get involved with, and your desire to either find a friend or enjoy something a bit more with vacation dating.

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TourBar makes the process simple and safe, with our verified users, our online profiles with photos and information, and our membership services. That means you can trust in who you're meeting, and feel confident to get out there and explore the world with a new travel partner.

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Travel Buddy Blog

Two Most Important Factors When Choosing a Travel Dating Site

Posted: Jun 15, 2014
by Emily Walker

There's a huge range of different dating sites and online communities out there. But when it comes to finding the right travel dating site, what should you even be looking for? What separates a great...

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Safe International Dating Site with Verified Users

TourBar very carefully verifies our users, which means that we are able to provide you with a much safer international dating site experience. Be confident when you choose a travel partner or look to connect with someone for vacation dating that our verified users really are who they say they are.
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