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Solo Traveler? Forget Spending Easter Alone and Sign Up to to Find a Travelling Companion

Posted: Mar 20, 2015
by McCluskey International
Easter travel partners on TourBar

Easter is coming, and yet for many single people the approaching holiday can fill them with dread at the thought of spending another bank holiday season alone.

Figures released by the Mental Health Foundation, claim that almost half (48%%)*1 of the 2,256 UK adults surveyed think that people are getting lonelier thanks to more people living alone, people living further away from their families as well as the rising rate of divorce. The figures also revealed that 11%% of those surveyed claimed they 'often felt lonely.'

For travel-lovers looking to get away this Easter but worrying about taking the plunge alone, they may find a solution in a new website and app - TourBar is a unique website and app that aims to match like-minded solo travellers from across the globe with a partner to join them on a trip. This Easter, TourBar is encouraging travel lovers to make the most of their four-day weekend and so lonely days become a thing of the past, by signing up to TourBar for free and finding a partner to spend the holiday season with.

Whether members choose to find a companion that lives in their favoured destination to act as a guide, or choose to meet someone who’s also looking to explore a new destination, TourBar allows its members to specify what they’re looking for in a future travel partner.

Research collated by*2 revealed that the main reason for their members to use the site was to meet a new friend, with 28%% of male users and 31%% of female users claiming the search for a new travel pal was their main goal.

Top 5 Reasons for Using TourBar:
Friends - 28%%; Friends, Adventure, Soulmate - 25%%; Friends or Adventure - 24%%; Soulmate - 13%%; Friends or Soulmate - 9%%.
Friends - 31%%; Friends, Adventure, Soulmate - 18%%; Friends or Adventure - 18%%; Soulmate - 16%%; Friends or Soulmate - 15%%.

A further 25%% of male users and 18%% of female users named a combination of finding a friend, looking for adventure and meeting their soul mate as their main reason for signing up to TourBar.

When it comes to the dating side of things, 16%% of TourBar’s female users claim that the main reason for using the website and app is to meet their soulmate whereas this is only the case for 13%% of male users.

Wherever in the world members are looking to travel, TourBar represents travellers from more than 7,000 cities within 180 countries meaning finding a partner to act as a city guide is never far away. During 2014, 93 countries were visited by TourBar members that met through either the website or app.

TourBar’s Public Relations Manager, Anastasia Zolotova, added: "Our research shows that most of our 92,000 male and female users are using TourBar to find a friend to travel with. With this number of users looking for the same goal, it means our members have a good chance of meeting their ideal travelling partner with the same interests. The flexibility of our app also means TourBar not only serves as a portal to meet a new friend to travel with, but also as a way to meet a guide for business trip stopovers or meeting a like-minded romantic partner."

"If anyone is looking to get away this Easter but holding back because of a fear of checking in alone, registering with TourBar takes just five minutes and could make the idea of lonely holidays a thing of the past."

Appendix *1 Research carried out by the Mental Health Foundation’s The Lonely Society Report of 2,256 respondents in May 2010 *2 Research collected by is based on 92,000 members from over 180 countries. The percentage of female respondents is based on figures obtained by 36,800 female members. The percentage of male respondents is based on figures obtained by 55,200 male members.

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