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Planning a trip with TourBar is one of the best ways to connect with a great travel companion at your upcoming destination. It's easy to get started, and you'll be able to find a likeminded person who's headed to your destination at the same time, eager for a new experience like you are...

It's very simple to plan a trip and find a perfect travel partner in this section of our website, whether you'd like to try international dating, or simply connecting with a new friend.

Start by selecting your location and your travel dates, and then enter in some of the activities you'd like to enjoy, such as concerts or trips to the beach. You can also select financial considerations, such as whether everyone pays for themselves during the trip, and also of course whether you'd like to meet a man or a woman.

From there, you'll be instantly taken to a listing of wonderful people whom you can choose to connect with as a travel partner. Quick, easy, and streamlined so you always find an ideal match.

So whether you're thinking about taking that next trip, or you already have your vacation planned out, take the next step and find an amazing person to spend that time with. Don't go it alone, connect with a fun and adventurous travel companion anywhere across the globe.

Mehmet... 34
Mathieu 38
Yaqub A... 22
Edward... 30
Sam 30
Ray 36
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nov 15 - Nov 29
Beach break, Sport, Concert/festival, Sightseeing "Llevo muchos años h..."
csea 29
Vishal 35
Shiv Kh... 32
Григори... 34
Thomas... 57
Андрей 50
Jun 11 - Jun 25
Beach break, Road trip, Short/weekend break "С женщиной 40-50 ле..."
Ali 34
Ozan Oz... 37
Annie N... 20
Ayhan M... 41
Tugay 28
Sandeep... 36
New Delhi, India
Jun 20 - Jun 27
Sightseeing, Short/weekend break "Just want to explor..."
Prasad 35
Narveer... 25
Kumar 49
Femi 31
Vivo 36
London, United Kingdom
Jun 12 - Jun 19
Sightseeing, Shopping trip "Co traveller in and..."
Sultan 33
binjon 42
Harutak... 37
Christi... 30
Ting Ti...
rozen 38
Jun 13 - Jun 13
Beach break, Foodie tour, Sightseeing, Shopping trip "Man"
प्रवीण... 31
Ketrin 25
Evgeny 37
Arshi 31
Ирина 29
Katerin... 27
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Jun 08 - Dec 07
Beach break, Sport, Shopping trip, Short/weekend break "Man "
Emilia 21
Vinay R... 41
Adventu... 38