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Plan your Gap Year

Posted: Aug 09, 2016
by McCluskey International
Gap year travel planning tips
With A-Level results day looming (18 August), many students not wishing to head straight from school or college to university will start making arrangements for their once-in-a-lifetime backpacking adventures. With this in mind, the leading travel dating website and app,, is encouraging those planning their gap year to sign up to TourBar as part of their preparations, in a bid to meet a travel companion to join them on their explorations. offers the perfect solution for independent sunseekers looking for some company on the road. The 30,000 UK members can register their upcoming gap year travel plans online in order to find similar travellers who may be planning to visit the same destination while taking a well-earned break from their studies. Whether it’s a singleton’s first trip to Thailand or fourth time taking a long-haul flight to Australia, the most and least experienced backpackers can take advantage of the opportunities to meet new and like-minded people on their epic journey.

When visiting a new destination, and to really ‘get off the beaten track’, TourBar members can also choose to meet with a member who has registered as a Guide for their local area. This gives travellers the chance to combine major tourist attractions with authentic and hidden local hotspots – a real backpacking bonus!

For those who are planning a staycation in the UK before entering employment or further education, TourBar also allows users to register as a Guide at home to tour other gap year students around their favourite British city.

TourBar’s Public Relations Manager, Anastasia Zolotova, added: “A gap year is a fantastic way for young people to take a break before heading off to university or starting their career. The TourBar app is free to download and is therefore perfect to install before starting a gap year adventure. Meeting with a member who has registered as a Guide allows backpackers to experience areas of a destination which they may not have heard of, but is loved by the locals, offering the perfect opportunity to escape the tourist traps and maybe even fall in love with the country too.”