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Olesya knows how to visit 12 countries in one year

Posted: Dec 01, 2017
by TourBar
Olesya - beautiful Ukraine woman
Olesya is a freelance designer from Ukraine. Her lifestyle is simple but exciting, she is not keen on luxury but thinks that emotions are achieved by traveling.

Here are some pieces of advise from Olesya.

1. Start from visualizing your dreams! Take a piece of paper and write down all your dream places. You can also choose photos on internet and save them on you computer or mobile phone. Seems foolish, but works!

2. Add all your favorite destinations to your profile on TourBar and make friends with people all around the world

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3. Chat with people, plan trips together! A lot of people on TourBar are ready to become your tour guides or give you accommodation. Try once and never stop! Wish you enjoyable trips around the planet!

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