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How I made my dream come true and traveled to Lisbon!

Posted: Nov 17, 2017
by TourBar
travele to Lisbon

The true story of our user!

At first I wanted to find somebody. I was trying to get over after a long-lasting relationship. I thought I needed one woman to overcome my fears and achieve confidence.

But then I understood – I don’t need something serious right now, I can be happy by myself. And I need to find my way before I will be ready to love again. So now I try to enjoy my life. It seems to me that being alone is not a problem when you have TourBar with all these beautiful people, tons of messages, attention and things to discuss with so different people.

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 Diego knows how to arrange this

I learned Portuguese and wanted to use it in real life, but I couldn't afford this trip by myself. Until I met Tom! He also dreamed about Portugal, he is a surfer and wanted to feel the ocean and the Portuguese wind. It sounded so romantic to me, so I was the first to write him a message.

And after just several weeks we were together on the plane to Lisbon! 
We rented a flat in Alfama, worked dozens of kilometers together, made hundreds of photos! And practiced Portuguese a lot.

I am absolutely happy I was brace enough to be the first to write this message!

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