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 Diego knows how to arrange this

Posted: Oct 15, 2017
by Your Diego, Professional Spanish seducer ;)

If you really want to organize an unforgettable vacation –
 I will tell you my secret!

First of all, choose a dream place to yourself. Let it be Barcelona in our example. I bet you don’t want to spend the whole vacation in one city with one friend. Well, I really advice you to plan the trip without planning your dates with dozens of different people. You won’t be able to relax.

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So go on TourBar and add your next trip. Find a suitable travel mate – don’t pay attention only to appearance there are more important things while spending time together. Can your match keep the conversation going? Can she or he make you laugh and does she or he like your sense of humor? Got bored with your travel mate?

Don’t spoil everything, just say goodbye politely, move to another city and find a new lovely friend on TourBar to accompany you and have great time together.

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