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Fun & Romantic To-Dos With a Travel Partner in Moscow

Posted: Mar 03, 2015
by Emily Walker
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Moscow is a historically famous city which is currently in the midst of a great renaissance of sorts. It's filled with more creativity and all of the positive influences of a more open economy and government than were there in the latter half of the 20th century.

That means that Moscow is attracting more tourists than ever, and you'll love exploring the city with a travel companion by your side. Here are some of the top attractions and to-dos to check out with a travel partner in Moscow.

The Kremlin:

The Kremlin is an absolute must-visit for any tourist. There's a wealth to-do in and around the Kremlin, including Cathedral Square, the Golden Domes of the Kremlin churches, the Ivan the Great Bell Tower, the Grand Palace and much more.

Red Square:

The Kremlin is actually located off to one side of the Red Square. Also in the Red Square is the State History Museum, and of course the famous St. Basil's Cathedral. This is the image many people have of Moscow, the colored, uniquely shaped domes of this beautiful building which was constructed in the mid-1500s. The Red Square itself, like the Kremlin, represents much of old Russia in the mind of Westerners, while also being influenced by today's cultural rejuvenation.

Gorky Park:

Gorky Park is located along the riverfront, and is divided into many different sections. Some include kids rides and entertainment, others have exercising paths and sports courts. Hire a boat or a horse for a leisurely tour, or rent a pair of ice skates and enjoy the massive outdoor skating rink. There are also many sculptures and monuments to view while walking through the grounds, first built in the 1920s.

Seven Sisters:

Consider renting a car and going on a driving tour to enjoy the Seven Sisters. These are seven separate, but similarly designed, massive buildings done largely in a gothic style of architecture. Together, they dominate much of the city and its grounds, and today include everything from a hotel to Moscow State University, to government facilities. Take a picture in front of each one for a set of mementos to take home from your travel dating adventure.

Bolshoy Theatre:

Is there a better place in the entire world to see an amazing ballet or opera than at the famous Bolshoy Theatre? This is romance and class personified in the form of a gorgeous facility which opened in the early 1800s. This will be the perfect note to end any vacation dating experience with your new travel companion.

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