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    I’m unable to log in.

    Please check if you have cookies activated in your browser. Click on the "Forgot your password?" link in the login window. Please contact the site administrator if you are still experiencing this problem.

    I’ve forgotten my password.

    Please use the password reminder. Click on the "Forgot your password?" link in the login window.

    How can I delete my profile?

    Go to your profile and click the "Settings" link. You will find "Delete Account" option in "Personal Information and Security" section.

    I can’t upload a photo.

    The uploaded image file format must be minimum 360*360 px JPG and the maximum size is 10 MB. Please contact the site administrator if you are still experiencing problems uploading photos.

    How can I hide a photo?

    You can’t hide your photos, but you can adjust your privacy settings. Go to your profile and click the "Settings" link.

    How many photos can I add to my profile?

    You can add up to 100 pictures to your profile.

    What is the aim/purpose of this site?

    Our goal is to connect people with a passion for travel from all around the world. Many people are glad to welcome travelers to their home countries and assist them as personal guides, while others are willing to join travelers on their journeys and become travel partners. Our website helps you to connect with all these outgoing, friendly locals and travel partners to make your vacation unforgettable and travel experience fantastic!

    Will I still be able to read old conversations when my premium membership expires?

    You won’t be able to open conversations including those already opened when your premium membership expires.

    I don’t want to get notifications about new conversations by email.

    Go to your profile and click "Settings" link. You will be able to specify your email and mobile phone notifications preferences in "Notifications" section.

    There are a lot of escorts on your site!

    We have a lot of members, so sometimes it’s a bit difficult to keep track of everyone, but you are always welcome to report escorts to us so that we can take action ASAP.

    I noticed my profile has been modified without my knowledge.

    We modify profiles only when our rules are not respected. We also care about the site’s general image.

    Do you have any emails, information or feedback about the girls and men who have been traveling on your site?

    We get positive feedback from travelers all the time, but we do not collect emails or specific feedback from our members on this particular subject. If you read the "Useful tips" and arrange the trip carefully, everything should turn out ok.

    How can I change my main photo?

    Go to your profile and click on the user icon located in left bottom corner of the photo preview.

    How can I contact a girl by phone?

    You should ask user to provide you with contact phone number.

    How can I block a member?

    You can block a member, but clicking strikethrough circle icon in contact list.

    What does the "Reply rate" mean?

    The reply rate bar shows the ratio between read and replied conversations.

    Why do I need "I can be your guide in" field?

    This field allows you to find people who want to visit your city. Fill it out and make new friends faster.

    Why do I need to indicate the country and date of my trip?

    Fill this field out to find travel companions or friends in another country most quickly.