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35 years old, United, United States

About me

I'm independent, well-read, interested in all things, jovial, music, dance...curious to learn more about our wonderful world and an interesting quite young lady to be with. I am a liberal in politics and a supporter of seemingly lost causes: Tibet and Sudan, Syria are examples. I believe in secularism, in giving people a second chance, in being compassionate wherever possible. I’m religious, but love the principles of other religion and respect it, especially the principles of honesty, compassion and letting go. I used to be very athletic and continue exercise regularly to stay fit and eat a healthy, balanced diet. As for other characteristics, I’m beautiful, tall and sexy, neither a gourmet cook nor hopeless in the kitchen. Somewhere in between. I am sexy, beautiful, lovely eyes, chocolate in color, nice legs, and curved body, well shaped. I love, sports and I do eat nicely to keep my body in proper form. I don’t smoke and I don’t drink. I love to cook, make garden and watch romantic movies.
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