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steve jones
59 years old, Reno, United States

About me

As someone with high self-confidence, I feel quite comfortable interacting with other people. Indeed, I find the company of others very stimulating and enjoy meeting new people. Ir relaxed demeanor in groups makes people around I comfortable too. Perhaps because I feel comfortable talking about Irself, others tend to enjoy being around I and perceive I as socially competent.

The confidence that helps I feel comfortable talking to people also spills into Ir own personal beliefs about Irself. Although I have several strengths, it’s likely that I also acknowledge and accept Ir weaknesses. But unlike some people, I take full responsibility for Ir actions—I rarely regret things I’ve done in the past and are not embarrassed easily.

Perhaps the defining feature that sets I apart from most people is the exceptionally high standards that I set for Irself. Ir competence in social gatherings as well as at work should provide ample evidence for this. With these characteristics, it’s very likely that people come to I for advice and generally think of I as someone with leader-like qualities.

My Family Orientation

As someone who is oriented to familial matters, I value the company of family-members and domestic life. If I have children already, I enjoy spending time with them very much and work hard to be a good parent. If I don’t have children, I very much desire having children in the future. And Ir preference for cooking and entertaining guests at home will likely ease the transition into parenthood.
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