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Looking for a travel partner?

Posted: Dec 21, 2017
by TourBar
travel partners on the beach
Whether you're traveling, TourBar is the best way to meet other travelers. Browse through thousands of users and message the people you want to meet and to travel with. Go to the beach, bars or see the sites the city has to offer, it's up to you. It is your choice!

Ask people what the best sites to see are, the best bar to drink in. The 'travelers’ tab allows you to see who are going to travel to different destinations. Set dates you are interested in, fill the other filters and choose single women or men you like!

Meet Someone To Travel With!

We asked our users about the preferences and what are they looking for on TourBar:

Travel photographer, taking tours to various places globally

To find the travel companion who takes a genuine interest in the road less traveled.
Perfect travel partner:
Open minded, adventurous, exploratory with a zest for life
Top 5 destinations
Chile, Iran, Vanuatu, Guatemala, Armenia

Managing Director of a company. Divorced and wants to start a new life with someone new, love nature, camping, new countries.

Wants to meet someone, wants to explore new countries to start all over and make a new beginning with someone special.
Perfect travel partner:
Someone that loves life, that can enjoy the simple things in life, like a flower, walking hand in hand under the stars on the beach, someone to be with
Top 5 destinations
South America, Peru, Colombia, Thailand, India and Ecuador


Go to India and shine.
Top 5 destinations
United States, India, France, Egypt

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I work as a teacher in the college - and certified references to international certificates - interested in travel, travel and sea.

Get the girl dreams that meet all my wishes
Perfect travel partner:
Beautiful girl to meet all things with beautiful skin and not white
Top 5 destinations:
Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Spain, Italy, Germany

I am a simple man but always want to see another place around the world, I am working at Mining Company.

I dream to visit most of the African countries.
Perfect travel partner:
Friendly, cooperative, and open-minded.
Top 5 destinations:
South Africa, Botswana, Kenya, Zambia, and Tanzania

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