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Welcome to Your New Favorite Travel Buddy & Vacation Dating Site

Posted: Jun 10, 2014
by Emily Walker
Welcome to TourBar - travel dating website

Welcome to, your new favorite site to find a travel buddy or get started with exciting, international vacation dating. Here at our blog, we'll be providing you with all of the great information, tips and resources you need to get started. Today, you'll learn more about TourBar and our service, and what you can expect.

TourBar offers you any kind of experience which you'd like to have. If you're looking for an international guide in a new city, or a way to avoid tourist traps and overcrowded destinations, then you'll be in luck. You can also indicate your desire to serve as a guide or a local connection for somebody who is visiting your area, too.

If you want to find an adventurous, likeminded travel buddy to explore someplace new together, then you can find him or her as well. You can even find great guys and women all across the globe who want to connect and take part in travel or vacation dating.

TourBar is filled with fun people, and it's easier than ever to get to know them, and find the perfect match. That's because our site is designed to quickly connect individuals with shared passions, hobbies and interests.

You can state all of your preferences for what you're open to, or who you're looking for. Whether it's a guy or a girl, a person of a certain age, a very specific type of activity, location and time frame, or a much broader desire just to get out there and have a good time, you can narrow down your selection with ease.

Plus, we provide you with a whole new level of comfort and confidence, thanks to our 3-step verification process. This ensures that you're always talking with a real person, whose photo, identity and contact information have been verified.

No more security or safety risks, and no chance of being tricked by anybody. Just look for the information on a person's profile to see if he or she has been verified.

When you go through the verification steps yourself, it'll also be easier for people to find you. You'll show up higher in searches and other members will be confident when they see that you have been verified.

We offer several affordable membership levels, so it's easy and accessible for anyone to join.

TourBar has something, and someone, for everyone. Whether it's finding a travel buddy or global travel dating, sign up today and see what we have to offer!