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Two Most Important Factors When Choosing a Travel Dating Site

Posted: Jun 15, 2014
by Emily Walker
Choosing a Travel Dating website

There's a huge range of different dating sites and online communities out there. But when it comes to finding the right travel dating site, what should you even be looking for? What separates a great site or service, from one that you'll want to avoid? Here, we take a look at the two most important factors when choosing an international vacation dating site. Really though, it all comes down to people; you want to meet great new people, you want to be able to trust those people and know that you'll have a great vacation, tour or date when you first meet them. This all starts with the service, what the site offers and who’s joining.

Verified Users & Real People

A good dating site should offer verified users, and real people. This is the backbone of any high quality dating site, particularly one focused on international connections and vacation dating.

You need to ensure that you're meeting with somebody who is safe, not to mention somebody who is actually a real person, and is who he or she claims to be. The best way to do this is for a site to verify its users. That's why TourBar offers a triple verification process for its members.

The verification process matches each member with his or her identity, as well as mobile phone number, and a current photograph being submitted solely for the purposes of usage on That means no more mistaken or fraudulent identities, no more shady people, and no more made up accounts.

All members of TourBar can quickly see which users have been verified, so there aren't any lingering questions about who a person is, nor concerns over safety and security.

Fun People & An Interactive Community

The second most important factor when choosing a travel dating site will be a fun, interactive community, filled with people who you really want to connect with. This is already helped along when there are verified members, because then there's a greater sense of trust and freedom between each person.

Additionally though, on a site such as TourBar, you'll be able to clearly indicate which types of activities you're up for, what your hobbies and interests are, and what type of person you want to meet up with. In this way, it's simple and easy to see which twenty-something female wants to go to a concert in Spain next month, which guy wants to head to the beach next week, or anything else.

TourBar is also about having fun, and meeting great new people all across the entire globe. It's a resource to help you avoid touristy activities while exploring new destinations, find a new travel buddy you'll have a blast with, or look for something more with fun and adventurous vacation dating. With verified users, real people, and a welcoming, interactive community, you'll love using TourBar!