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Picking a Travel Companion with Ease

Posted: Aug 13, 2014
by Emily Walker
Selecting travel buddies
More people than ever are having fun by traveling the globe on their own. That doesn't mean it needs to be a solo-experience, half the fun is meeting and interacting with great locals at each destination. Picking a travel companion anywhere across the globe is now quick, easy and simple thanks to TourBar, but it's important to learn what you should be looking for so that you enjoy the best possible experience each and every time.

The first thing you need to consider when picking a travel companion is whether or not you want to connect with a man or a woman. This holds true whether you're looking for a travel dating experience, or just somebody to spend time with. You may also want to select some demographics so that you're closely aligned with your potential companion or guide. You could select age ranges, and even physical characteristics.

Of course, don't forget the basics. You need to make sure that the person you're looking for is aligned with you in terms of travel dates or overall availability. You don't want to make that perfect connection with a travel companion only to find they won't be in your destination when you arrive!

One of the most important steps is to find someone who you can trust. You need to be safe, and you don't want to take any chances in terms of someone pretending to be someone that they're not.

That's why a service such as TourBar offers a multi-step verification process. Here, members are able to become verified by submitting contact information, official identification, and current photographs.

This triple-verification ensures that when another member connects with a verified user, they're meeting exactly who they think, and they can be confident and comfortable with the experience. On TourBar, verified users are easy to identify on their profiles, and they're also given added status, so they'll appear first in searches.

Finally, the whole point of connecting with a travel companion is to find someone who you enjoy spending time with. That's why you should be clear about what you want to do in terms of activities or interests. Maybe you want to go to the beach, or maybe you want to go wine tasting, shopping, or enjoy local music or museums. Whatever it is, be specific about your preferences so you find a real match, and get to live up your desired destination in the way you've always dreamed about.

With TourBar, finding a travel companion is fun and intuitive, and it opens up the doors to near endless possibilities.