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It’s time to choose your dream destination and an ideal partner!

Posted: Dec 12, 2017
by TourBar
Travel partner from Canada
Do you plan a trip? It’s time to hurry up. Look at these guys they need a pair to spend some time abroad. Maybe you both have one dream destination?

Tom from Canada

“I plan to visit the Grand Canyon in America and travel across some states like Arizona and California. I want to make beautiful photos and need a company for my trip. Someone with whom I can talk a lot along long distances. Hope to see you, pretty girl!”

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Roby from Austria

“I love mountains. And this year I decided to ski in Italy. If you love skiing or snowboarding – join in! I am sure it will be cool! ”

Arkhan from Turkey

“I am travelling to Moscow soon. I am a little bit excited because it’s tough to travel without a language. So probably I need someone in Russia to help me”

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