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Enter for Your Chance to a win a Free iPhone or iPad With TourBar's New Contest

Posted: Dec 10, 2014
by Emily Walker
TourBar contest win iPhone 6

It's your chance to win big with the latest exciting contest with! All of our female members can be entered to win an amazing prize, a brand new iPhone 6 or a iPad Air, and all it takes is to sign up for our service and start using your account to chat with exciting potential travel buddies and partners from all around the world.

The contest is very straightforward and simple, and here's how it works. Just sign up for an account if you don't have one already, get your account verified, and then start chatting. The more you chat, the more points you receive, and the person with the most points at the end of the contest wins the grand prize!

It couldn't be any easier to get involved, and it's another great way that TourBar wants to help encourage people to connect with each other and embark on fantastic travel adventures.

So how can you chat with as many people as possible? Add some eye-catching photos of yourself to your profile page, and complete all of your personal details. This will encourage more users to reach out to you, and start talking.

You can also add information on the places you want to visit, trips you're taking, and also the places where you can be a local guide. Don't forget to feel free to start a conversation on your own, too!

All of this will also help you connect with wonderful people from all corners of the globe, and all of the cities and countries you've always wanted to travel to. Get to know fun, intelligent potential travel partners who share common interests and passions. It could spark a great friendship or even a memorable romance, or simply a one of a kind fun travel experience.

Here are more specific details about the contest:

• Only female users with a triple-verified account are eligible to win. That means females who have had their photos, IDs and phone numbers verified are eligible.

• Points are awarded for a question and answer within a chat with a male member of Up to 30 points can be awarded for interactions with a specific, individual person.

• The award winner will be announced on15th of each month!

Good luck everyone, and get out there and start using TourBar for your chance to win one of these fantastic prizes. Also, congratulations to the winner of our last contest, 23-year-old Inna from Kazakhstan!