Travel mates – local guides, foreigners and even neighbors

There are millions of people on planet earth, so never give up looking for a perfect travelmate! You can search a friend everywhere you go or do it online. Just believe that he is waiting for you somewhere.

How to know that people can be you best travel mates. Read our instructions and make your own list.

Probably the main thing is that your travel mate should be attractive to you. Actually it is not about his or her hair or figure, it is the feeling that you have inside when you see your type of person. It’s not just about the appearance, but also the energy that a person can bring.
Pay attention to the gestures, smiles, the way your friend speaks, behaves and even dresses. Imagine being together at home, in public places and with your parents. Does this person fit every important part of your life? Will you be comfortable in every place and situation together?
Education sometimes is also an essential part of a relationship. It gives us the opportunity to speak about life and interests, to make decisions and share our thoughts and dreams. That’s why it can cause a communication gap when you are keen on languages, literature and culture and your companion prefers computer games and sports. It is much easier to have common interests and be on one educational level.
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What traits of character are important for a travel mate?

Is it better to be both extroverts or introverts? It all depend on you. It happens so that even opposites attract. Just keep in mind that introverts need some time on their own, and extroverts want a little bit more attention. It takes time to understand each other, but in any case you should discuss your needs with your travel mates.
Your travel mates have to be flexible. While travelling a lot of things can go not according to the plan. So you all should be ready for changes. More than that your friends should be patient. We all are sometimes annoying and irritating, find someone who can bear your bad character. If you found such a person – it is already a great success.

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