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Five signs you met a perfect travel buddy

  • Being on one schedule. While traveling it is very important not only to visit enthralling places but also to have enough time to recover after a long day full of emotions. So going to bed together and waking up at the same time – is a part of success!
  • A similar sense of humor. Just imagine your travel buddy likes vulgar jokes or waits until you go asleep to smear a toothpaste all over your face. Are you laughing now? You need a travel buddy just like you.
  • You both are money spenders. It’s not easy when one traveler is thrifty and the other wants to hit the ATM and go shopping. So it’s better to agree on money matters
  • You like the same. You met a perfect buddy if you choose the same music while driving a car, if you order different food and then exchange plates in the café if you desire the same thing all the time.
  • You both have time for your own. Even best friends and loving couples need a small pause sometimes. So if your companion knows you need a rest, congratulations you don’t need another travel buddy, you have already found a perfect one!
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Who said that you can meet only one perfect buddy? There are billions of people on planet Earth, and maybe even millions of species on other planets!
There are no limits, so you can even try to meet a perfect travel buddy in every place you visit. If you need a French speaking buddy just write this demand in your profile, then choose an attractive guide for your Parisian voyage and enjoy!
Or you can become the best guide for someone else in your motherland – show the newcomers your favorite places, chilly bars and astonishing views.

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