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Find a travel mate, make your dream come true and visit romantic and desired places of the world

Do you know that even when we want something we don’t make enough efforts? We ask the universe to help us find something, but we don’t even start to search, we lay in our beds, stay at home and watch dramas on TV. The thing is that universe doesn’t really work like this. But it will pay you back if you start making steps. Let’s begin with a simple but useful task – take a clean sheet of paper and write all your desires and purposes. Try to be absolutely honest and in some cases irrational. After you wrote a list of future goals and dreams, think of when you want all these things to happen. For example, you plan to buy a car and visit Maldives islands. And you know that you need to safe money for both things.
You have already earned enough money to go to Maldives, but you think it’s better to do it with your soul mate or to celebrate your honeymoon there.
Moreover, buying a car will ease your everyday life, so it is more important for you these days. Near your dream about a car – you write “achieve this year”, and near the dream of Maldives – note “when I meet my travmate”. By doing that you will understand what you want right now, what is more important for you. Then you can make a list of how to achieve your goal, what steps you need to do and who and how can help you. But it doesn’t mean you have to forget about your other dreams. You see – to visit Maldives you need a partner, so obviously your first step is to find a travelmate.
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How a sheet of paper can help you find travel mate

A sheet of paper is also a very good travelmate finder. It will help you make the right image of your future partner. Write 10 traits of character you want to see in your companion, then write 10 adjectives about yourself, note at list 5-7 things you enjoy doing, and 5-7 things you hate or things that annoy you most.
Actually this sheet of paper is a profile ready to be placed on a site which will definitely help you find a perfect travel mate.

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