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12 February - 12 March 2016

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Togo is named Togo, Togo is currently the town whose traditional chief lapa me III signed on 4 and 5 July 1884 with the emissary inay, Dr. G. Nachtigal, the use of German protectorate. This Treaty was signed in baguida, locality) 13 kilometres from Lomé. In 1914, Togo, within its borders, extended over 90 500 km/square. Following the first world war, the country was divided into two territories:
Western Togo, with 33 900 km/square, administered by Great Britain.
Eastern Togo with an area of 56 600 km / square placed under french mandate. Only the eastern part constitutes the current Togolese Republic. Independent since April 27, 1960, after periods of German and then French, Togo is the only country in the world including the capital, Lomé is located on a border.
Togo has a tropical climate. He was influenced by the monsoon from the South - West, humid oceanic wind bringing rain and that of décisionnels, dry wind, cold, warm mi causing drought. From South to North, the maximum average temperatures increase (Lomé 30 ° 4, Mango 34 ° 4); Conversely, average temperatures mima decrease (Lomé 22 ° 8, Mango 13 ° 1). Contrary to the general rule according to which the annual amount of rainfall decreases of the Ecuador to the tropics, in other words of the forest zone dense toward the desert, South of Togo is less watered that North. This climate anomaly translates into the disappearance of the dense forest on the coastal zone, which is an exceptional case in the Gulf of Guinea
Togo provides a range of significant sites
Maritime region
Lomé was renamed on the coastline of the Gulf of Benin for its sandy beaches, promenades shaded along the coastline.
30 km from Lomé, you discover the town of Agbodrafo named by Portuguese navigators porto-Seguro; there on Lake Togo, magnificent body of water surrounded by a sacred forest, you'll practice sailing, water skiing, before sit you.
Still 15 km of road and you arrive in Aného, historic town and second capital of Togo during the colonial period.
the best time to visit Togo goes from September to April, during the dry season. However, the rainy season is not a handicap for the tourist because the Sun is always at the rendezvous. Togo enjoying a 'permanent' summer offers Sun bath, sea bath, mountain cure always temperature between 24 ° and 30 ° C.
many tours and excursions are organized by me.
Circuit "Lomé and its surroundings": a half-day. "
Circuit "Voodoo ceremony" a half-day
Circuit "Mono River" "half a day"
circuit "Lake-Togo / Togoville / Lomé": a day
Togo many assets I can not say. Thank you and good trip to all the world.

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