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10 November - 04 December 2016

I'm looking for a: Woman

I really wanna Travel with a "laid-back" person who is easy going,adventurous and down for anything..i mean someone who is not easily bored and always wanna try something new..
i wanna meet an independent person who is willing to "feel free" or go off and do her own thing without getting shy or intimidated by my presence..

My partner should be interested to cram in as much sight-seeing as possible,rock and roll (all night and party every day),make new vacation friends and travel to any far historical,monumental and adventurous place we decide on..

It’s important for us to communicate and connect with each other in order to plan systematically and strategically towards the trip and to go over any of the points we are not really sure of or places we are not familiar with.
we must believe in each other's idea or abilities and capabilities and also respect and Share visions and goals together..

Trust is non-negotiable.It also needs to be unreserved and unambiguous.It should be easy for us to trust each other and also forgive each other if one make an embarrassing lies,stealing or cheating.
conversations should be gently and neutrally handled among each other with Good communication skills..

Trips to historical,monumental and adventrous places or destination to go will be planned and scheduled together.Events to participate and new activities to try out will also be decided by each other..

Purpose of Travel: Beach break, Cruise, Sightseeing, Business trip

Finances: Each person pays for himself/herself

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Sean Carter Tenzze
31 years old, Kobenhavn, Denmark