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29 years old, London, United Kingdom

About me

I’m Mistress,Ariana. I’ve been involved in BDSM in my personal life for a good number of years and am now in my 6th year as a professional. When I look back at my early days,like most Domina's I’ve changed and evolved into a very different Mistress to how I was when I first started. My attitude has changed a lot but so have my interests. It takes a bit of time, but I’m now well versed in establishing who I’m best suited to session with and who I’m best referring on. This is based on mutual interests, similar attitudes and how we connect. I like to take my time with our communication to be absolutely sure we will click and it will be mind blowing. I’m not interested in making an easy living, I’m in this for the long run and have decided life is too short to have mediocre sessions. If I accept your application, what that means is I’m confident we have enough similar interests to keep me amused and keep you on your toes for the duration of our time together. Anything less would be a disappointment to us both. If however, I don’t think we are compatible don’t be insulted if I decide to turn your request down. It only means that I don’t want you to waste your time or your money on an experience that won’t be mind blowing. There will be the right Mistress out there for you, it just might not be me.If you’ve done some research you will notice that every Mistress has a different perspective and a different approach to her sessions. I can only explain my approach here within my website in the hope that it resonates with the right people who then feel drawn to get in touch. I don’t see my style of sessioning as being a service provider. I have no problems with people who are happy and contented to provide a service, it’s just not for me. There are many people who have a fetish for something, their kink revolves around their fetish and they need to scratch that itch with no involvement of D/s whatsoever. If you can see yourself within this description then I think you would be better off approaching someone who will gel with you so that you both enjoy the experience together. I’m not knocking this approach, I realize that the world is made up of many different shades of kink, and it takes many shades to make a rainbow. It’s just not for me. Leather Boots, So what is my style of sessioning then? Well I like to be in control, but I’m not an out and out control freak nor do I hate men. I don’t see you as a worm or a worthless slave. I see everyone as an individual and I’d like you to see me as that too. Just as not all slaves or subs want to be considered a worm, not all Mistresses want to be seen as a walking latex catsuit. I’m happy to take into consideration some suggestions as our relationship develops but I’m not at all keen on being given direction, especially if it’s with a sense of entitlement or an attitude. I see a session as not so much about the activities or how they are choreographed, but more about our connection and me getting inside your head. I’m a very warm and personable woman outside of session, but I’m totally focused, in control and very much in the moment during sessions.I’m increasingly drawn to the acronym RACK which, to those unaware, means Risk Aware Consensual Kink. Very little of what we do within the fetish community can be classed as 100% safe, much like lots of everyday activities. Most activities carry some degree of risk even if the likelihood of them occurring is quite small, we should not discount them. While I don’t think those activities can be classed as unsafe, it makes sense to me to gather the right information so that we can make them as safe as possible. Therefore, being fully aware of the risks, minimising the risks and us both taking responsibility for those risks is more in keeping with my way of thinking.

Just a few more things about me

  • I speak: English
  • I'm looking for: Friends, Adventure, Soulmate
  • Smoker: Yes
  • Drinking habits: Yes
  • Education: University
  • Income: Steady average income
  • Height: 177 cm (5' 09") Weight: 56 kg (123 lb) Build: Average
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