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New Zealand
29 January - 01 January 2020

I'm looking for a: Man

im a kiNd Of girL thAt vEry gEnerOus to other pEopLe,cariNg and loviNg....aNd waNtiNg to mEet a rEspectfuL mAn,cAring,loviNg aNd acCept me fOr who aNd whAt i am.

i've bEen in Japan fOr aLmost 3 years,if i had the chance tO go there,i will grAb it,i love so mUch Japan and aLso the peopLe there,how they treat othEr peopLe in a good manner,.
aNd thE othEr cOuntry i want aNd wishing and hopiNg to go are,New ZeaLand,Australia,EurOpe,KorEa,Taiwan aNd Israel,bUt if sOmeone wAnt me to go with him in a cOuntry tHat i did nOt mEntiOnEd,its mY plEasure tO go with yOu with LOVE <3

Purpose of Travel: Beach break, Cruise, Road trip, Sightseeing

Finances: I would like someone to pay for me

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Rona Barbado
28 years old, Manila, Philippines