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Several tips how to get along with your new travel mates and have only good memories after the trip.

  • One of the most important parts of travelling with someone is communication. Even if you think you are an introvert travelling with friends means you have to be sociable. At least several hours a day! You shouldn’t be shy and offish. If you decided to have a trip with travel mates be ready to chat a lot, laugh at their jokes and tell them your cool stories!
  • Be ready to compromise. Of course all people are different and sometimes we are not in the mood of doing something. So if you plan to have an active day and your companions would prefer to relax on the beach, don’t insist. It is better to give in sometimes.
  • Leave personal space. Everybody have a right to have sometime on their own. So if you really want to be a perfect companion – it is good to stay quiet and silent. Watch TV on your own, read a book or listen to music. Just an hour separately can make the whole day better!
  • Try to be helpful and attentive. Travelling can be stressful and tiring. Be ready to give a helping hand even when you are tired yourself. Just a few encouraging

Do you know the main reason why it is great to have travel mates?

Traveling solo is definitely an interesting experience, probably every person should try it at least once. But your travel mates will make your voyage filled with joy and sense. During the trip you will be able to share everything – your thoughts and emotions, extra batteries for your camera or cell phone, clothes and food. But the most enjoyable thing – is to share memories when the trip is over!

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