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Several stereotypes about Ukrainian women dating, that are not true

  • interested only in money. The truth is that some girls were brought in difficult facilities and they dream of changing their lifestyle. But it doesn’t really mean they want to use your wallet. Ukrainian women are hardworking and ready to take care after themselves.
  • People also believe Ukrainians want to leave their country. Well, most of girls love the motherland and want to stay close to their families. But they also dream of better life, and you can’t blame them for that.
  • Sometimes Ukrainian women look stupid. Probably there are some girls especially on TV shows who behave silly or crazy. But in reality most of Ukrainian girls are well educated and well-brought.
  • They care only about their appearance. Ukrainian girls pae a lot of attention to their clothes, hair style and make up. They try to look perfect, and that’s not a crime. At the same time, they are interested in books and languages, they study a lot and have different hobbies.
  • It is believed that Ukrainians love drinking vodka and women in the country also are keen on alcohol. Of course some women like to join men in drinking during holidays, but you should know that some Ukrainian women don’t drink at all.
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    Real facts about Ukrainian women dating

  • They are beautiful, charming and appealing. You just can’t resist!
  • They cook perfectly! Ah! You will definitely gain a few pounds!
  • They are sensitive, but look and behave las if they are very strong.
  • Family is their aim. They truly want to find a reliable partner and live the whole life together.
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