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Imagine you decide visiting Singapore. Do you know what are the most enthralling places in this tax haven? Where to go shopping and where to eat the best seafood? Of course you can check this information online, but having a personal tour guide is much more comfortable.
A local guide will tell you lots of interesting facts. For example, were you aware that gathering of five and more people should be checked with police department? And there are so many rules of behavior in Singapore that will sound strange for people from India or Philippines.
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Seeking travel buddy in a country you visit – is a great idea because it will open new horizons for you. Many people go on vacation to Thailand, but they see only tourist places. A local guide in Thailand can show you exotic islands with no tourist on the beach and fairylike palms. He will give you an advice where to buy the tastiest and cheapest fruits, and show you what presents and souvenirs will shock your friends at home! Another advantage is practicing language. If you want to improve your English skills and start speak fluently – chat with people from England, seek a travel buddy in Ireland or USA. You can first chat online, then start communicating on Skype and if you have a mutual sympathy – plan your vacation together. This experience will definitely improve your language skills!

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