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Everybody in the world have some stereotypes about Russians. For example, that Russians love vodka and even girls drink it a lot. Well, vodka is not a bad drink, it has tradition and unique taste, but Russian women mostly prefer champagne or wine, some girls don’t drink at all. Of course there are those who are able to drink a lot. If you are searching for someone who can do a long pub-crawl with you, just write it on your profile on
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Russian girls like cooking and being housewives.
Nowadays women and men have almost unique rights, but Russian girls still behave feminine. They wear high-heel shoes and dresses, and love when men behave like gentlemen. But Russian women are very strong and they are able to do a lot by themselves – drive a car, carry heavy bags, they even can repair something by their own. They also work hard, so hard that sometimes they don’t have time to cook. But most woman love to cook and they do it great. At the same time there are girls who prefer not to work and like being housewives. It’s not a crime, it’s their choice.
Russian dating site

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People think Russian girls are vain. Well, sometimes yes. Russian women will wear best clothes and make up even when she walks with her dog outdoors. But what if she meets her destiny during this walk? Russians take care of their natural beauty and pay attention to every detail. But usually they are not snobbish at all, if you get to know one Russian girl better you will see that she is open-minded and affable.
Most girls are well-educated, so while filling your profile don’t forget to write about your interests. Show how you prefer to spend free time, what you like to read and where you want to go. Communication is very important for russian women.

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