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The very first stages of looking for a travel mate

Imagine that looking for a travel mate is a real quest. To be a winner you should do a list of things, find logical connections, then go to the next level and get the best prize at the end of the game. Starting a quest called “looking for travel mates” take a pen and a sheet of paper. Divide the list in two columns. The first column is about you, the second is about people you want to meet. You can start filling the table from what is easier for you. You need to think of traits of character, appearance, interests and hobbies. It is very important to know what you are looking for. Because when you search something and you don’t know how it looks – it is a guaranteed failure.
Compare two columns. Do you want someone who is similar to you or you prefer people with other traits of character? Perfect travel mated should obviously have something in common, even though opposites attract. But it would be difficult for you to spent most of your time with a person who prefers active lifestyle when you are calm and hasteless.
The next stage is to love yourself. Actually for some people that’s not an easy thing. When looking for a travel mate you have to be confident, it will attract people to you. To understand your personal life achievements, make a list of things you are proud of, write your ten most important accomplishments. Right after that you ready to make a profile on internet and start searching.
Looking for travel mates!

Looking for travel mates is a long process but the prize is worth waiting!

When you find a person you sympathize, try not to be shy. Everybody knows how important is the very first impression. So make first step, be sociable and open-minded. Try to chat about different subjects to understand whether this person is your type or not. And don’t be afraid to hurt someone’s feeling and to say goodbye if you don’t feel like continuing the conversation. Looking for travel mates is a complicated quest, but when you will find your perfect soulmate you will understand the game is over. And the winner is you!

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