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Want to have an unforgettable journey to the most beautiful and unusual places? Find co-travelers and plan a trip together. Our service will help you – only smart, attractive and interesting users.

Preparation to go on a trip.

All should be planned in advance. It will make your trip well-organized and will safe your money. Tickets on airplanes are cheaper when you buy them several months before your trip, the same is with booking a hotel room. But the main thing is your company, find friends who are ready to share emotions and experiences with you. Or check online services to find a travel buddy to go on a trip with you.
After you have chosen a country and a type of vacation, decide on attractions and places to visit. Buy maps and guidebooks or upload useful apps. You can ask for advice your friends, write a post on facebook or find locals on dating sites. There are always many people who are ready to share their travelling experience with others and recommend places. Make a plan according to the suggestions given and wait for your amazing holiday!
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Tips when you go on a trip.

If you want to make your trip more special and unique, and when you can’t spend lots of money, follow these tips. Use couchsurfing or hostels instead of hotels and apartments. Of course it won’t be a luxury trip but you will get the opportunity to meet more interesting people. Eat streetfood or buy products in supermarkets. Every country has its culture of streetfood. You can try different dishes and enjoy them in a beautiful green park. Don’t pay a fortune to travel guides, find locals and they will show you all secret places. Excursions and entertainment also cost a lot, but you can visit street concerts, local parties and check when the entrance to museums is free of charge. Go on a trip and bring happy memories back along with thousands of pictures!

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