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How to represent yourself in a better way via trip together app. Full instruction.

First impression is very important even if you start communicating online. So using a trip together app think about your photos.
Try to find pictures that represent you from a good side – choose something attractive or even exciting. It is nice when photos show your hobbies and interests. Maybe you have photos driving a car, riding a horse, skiing or snowboarding, surfing or playing with your dogs. Let people see you in your real life. Girls who are keen on selfies are not really interesting. And boys with selfies are seem to be a little bit strange or narcissistic.
Try to fill your profile creatively. Use your imagination and sense of humor. It will help you find people who feel and live alike.
Write in trip together app not only about your interests and preferences, tell people who you are. Maybe you have an interesting profession or you do a very important volunteering. You can also fill the information about your talents, but try not to show off.
Describe yourself, especially your character. They say opposites attract, and you can try to find someone very different from you in trip together app. Try to be honest and write not only your positive traits of character but also your habits and foibles.
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Sometimes it is better to give up using a trip together app

Being online all the time is bad for your health. It harms your eyes, causes insomnia, contributes passive lifestyle. So sometimes it is better to stop chatting online and meet for coffee and face the reality. Start seeing each other and decide whether you are ready to trip together or not!

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