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If you are single you know this feeling perfectly well – Friday night, but all your friends decide to spend time in couples. And you have nothing to do on your own. Being alone is depressing. But you shouldn’t give up. You can find so many people near who have just the same problems and feelings. Maybe your new friend or even your perfect match is waiting for you next door.
All you need to do – open local dating site in your browser. Create your profile with all necessary information and relevant photos. If you don’t want to feel lonely this evening – write on your page that you are ready to spend some time with a stranger – having a coffee, jumping on a trampoline or making a pub-crawl.
You can wait for messages but it is better to be active and start conversation by yourself. Even if you won’t be able to go out right this evening, you will spend time having an interesting talk and probably you will be prepared for the next lonely Friday!
Local Dating Site

Tips that will help you make more friends on local dating site

  • Use different types of photos in your profile. Let people see you indoor and outdoor, your portrait and your body shots. Don’t be shy and self-critical. It’s more important to be yourself than to attract wrong people.
  • Think positive and don’t sound desperate. Don’t write in your profile that you are tired of being alone. Handsome men and attractive women prefer confident people around them. I bet you are not waiting for someone who feels sorry for you. Find a friend to have exciting time together, to share jokes and have fun.
  • Keep safe. We don’t recommend you to meet suspicious people. Be sure this person is not a fraudster. Have a phone call before your date, but don’t give your new friend concrete details about your living and working place. Tell your relatives you are having a date and ask them to check you from time to time.
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